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Affordable Housing

Enormous demand for affordable housing worldwide requires a building system that offers...

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Hospitals / Schools / Hotels

Providing optimal solution through technology, especially when constructing such facilities...

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High Rise Buildings

Better planning, better operational control and standardized construction are vital factors...

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Commercial / Residential

Superior quality finishes, rapid and clean installation, excellent sound and thermal rating...

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Warehouses / Workshops

Reducing construction cost, minimizing waste and using strong, durable and fire....

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Fences / Boundary Walls

Sturdy, cost effective, easier and faster construction is needed when building a fence...

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Special Purpose Construction

For resort projects, cabins, caravans and low income housing projects, panels are ideal...

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Homes / Complexes

Increasing value by increasing energy efficiency, safety and sales, and reducing sound....

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Our Products


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Tally Block or T-Block is a hollow, tongue and groove...

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As we source our fiber cement boards for our panels ...

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TBS subscribes to a philosophy of comprehensive service...

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Design / consultation

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Welcome to Tally Building Systems

TBS is a company committed to providing state-of-the-art building solutions to its valued clients.

Whether you are a contractor, a developer, a design engineer, distributor or an end-user, you will find value and support in doing business with TBS.

Additionally, TBS offers unique opportunities to business-minded individuals and/or organizations that wish to capitalize on TBS’s expertise. We’ve developed our distinctive partnership program that allows full access to our proprietary system. This program encompasses:

  • Transfer of technology.
  • Know-how.
  • Management.

Take a tour and explore your options.

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